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Broot Wastewater Management Inc., specializes in onsite wastewater systems in both residential and commercial applications.  In NEPA many existing Drain-fields and Sand-mounds have long exceeded their expected serviceable life spans and currently require or will soon require repair, renewal or replacement.  This can be a daunting  stressful experience for most business owners and homeowners!  From perk test to system start up Broot Wastewater Management Inc. will be there to help our customers understand the problem, how to fix it and how to avoid it in the future.  We will explain each step of the process and help you learn about the very important system buried in your backyard that you probably didn't give much thought to until it started to fail!   We work closely with your Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) to ensure your system repair or replacement will be compliant with the local codes, meet your needs in the future, and protect your home's or business' property values!

With the increase in population and tax bases in our local municipalities, the availability of municipal sewer is increasing across the NEPA area.  Conversion of existing onsite systems to municipal sewer can be a confusing, intimidating process for may homeowners and business'.   Broot Wastewater Management Inc. will walk you through the process from permit to completion, we will investigate any local assistance offered to offset the costs and we will make the entire project as affordable as possible.  When we can, we search out multiple customers on the same line so we can offer lowers rates!  Our prices are competitive and our experience and professionalism sets us apart from the fly by night excavators that pop up in areas where these sewer lines are going in.

We are happy to provide a no obligation quote for any Wastewater services you may need.  

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